Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fancy Sushi (Rating 5)

Restaurant: Fancy Sushi
Rating: / 5
given for appearance
given for taste
given for quality
given for price
given for return customer

Complimentary house sushi roll

Complimentary house miso soup

Scale 1 - Appearance
Appearance of the restaurant - not bad. The outside is a little dull, especially since it is not in a stand-alone building. The inside, though, makes up for it. Very well decorated and great lighting.
Appearance of the staff - everyone was very well-mannered and neat.
Appearance of the food - beautiful! The sushi was definitely a piece of art. The rest of the meal was great looking as well.
One star out of one star given for appearance.

Scale 2 - Taste
The complimentary sushi roll (the "Holiday roll") and salad were delicious. The sushi roll ordered was incredible, along with the chicken hibachi meal. Two thumbs up to it all!
One star out of one star given for taste.

Scale 3 - Quality
The quality of the food was phenomenal. You could tell that all of the sushi was fresh and hadn't been sitting around for quite some time. (The quantity of the hibachi was exceptional, too!)
One star out of one star given for quality.

Scale 4 - Price
For dinner, the total came to about $63 (including a tip) - for two glasses of house red wine, two salads, two soups, a sushi roll, and two hibachi meal - not too bad! If you're on a budget, you could definitely get a delicious dinner for a great price.
One star out of one star given for price.

Scale 5 - Would you go again?
Yes, we would both go again - we are already a returning customer!
One star out of one star given for returning.

Five out of five stars given to Fancy Sushi.
We suggest you try some sushi & a meal there!

Happy Spending,
The Money Consumer

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