Sunday, January 8, 2012

Java Joint (Rating 4)

Java Joint in Flagler Beach, FL
Rating: / 5
given for appearance
given for taste
given for quality
no star given for price
given for return customer

Scale 1 - Appearance
Appearance of the restaurant - absolutely breath-taking! Right on the Atlantic ocean.
Appearance of the staff - wonderful. Everyone was very well put together.
Appearance of the food - great! Enticing. Good portion. (Too bad the side of chips came in just a bag, though.)
One star out of one star given for appearance.

Scale 2 - Taste
Delicious. Camille ordered a Chicken Spinach Wrap - side of chips. Inside was spinach, hard boiled eggs, chicken breast, and honey mustard. Vincenzo ordered a BLT (with smoked turkey bacon) - side of potato salad. They were kind enough to turn the BLT into a wrap. He also added swiss cheese to it and honey mustard. It would be nice to see Java Joint use premium meat. Although, both would order both meals again.
One star out of one star given for taste.

Scale 3 - Quality
Quality of the service was exceptional! Being a beach restaurant, there is definitely a laid-back atmosphere. That did not stop the service from being great, though.
One star out of one star given for quality.

Scale 4 - Price
For just lunch, it is a little pricey. The total for two people came to $23.58. For the swiss cheese added to Vincenzo's wrap, it was an additional $0.79 and an extra $0.49 for the side of honey mustard.
Zero star out of one star given for price.

Scale 5 - Would you go again?
Yes, we would both go again. The fact that it is on the beach gives you a wonderful view! The service fantastic and the food, delicious. Can't wait to come back and try something new!
One star out of one star given for returning.

Four out of five stars given to Java Joint.
We suggest you give it try!

Happy Spending,
The Money Consumer

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