Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mikato Japanese Steakhouse (Rating 5)

Mikato Japanese Steakhouse in St. Augustine, FL
Rating: / 5
given for appearance
given for taste
given for quality
given for price
given for return customer

Scale 1 - Appearance
Appearance of the restaurant - the outside isn't the prettiest. It's in a shopping plaza. It's ugly. The inside, though, is great! Great decorations. We sat at the sushi bar instead of the hibachi grill - very nicely decorated sushi bar.
Appearance of the staff - fantastic. The server we had was a sweetheart. The two gentleman at the sushi bar were very nice, as well.
Appearance of the food - the salad look appetizing and our sushi boat was great! We've had some sushi boats that were a huge mess. This sushi boat we had certainly was not a mess - it was gorgeous. You can tell how much time each roll took to make.
One star out of one star given for appearance.

Scale 2 - Taste
To start, we had a house Cabernet. It was decent. Vincenzo wasn't a fan of it, Camille didn't mind it. We decided to get a sushi boat - it came with only one salad so we ordered an extra so we'd each have a salad. Vincenzo had the ginger dressing which he thought was delicious, Camille had the mayonnaise dressing - always good! The sushi boat came with four different sushi rolls - Spicy Tuna Roll, Florida Roll (tuna, salmon, cucumber, crab, avocado), Hurricane Roll (tuna, crab salad, avocado, cucumber with crunch and roe on top), Eel roll (eel in the middle, deep fried, with eel sauce on top). All of them had a unique, delicious taste. Camille's favorite was the eel roll and Vincenzo's was the Hurricane Roll.
One star out of one star given for taste.

Scale 3 - Quality
Quality of the service was great. Our waitress came back multiple times to see if we needed anything else, along with telling us about herself. The quality of the food was exceptional. You could tell (and see, being at the sushi bar!) that everything was fresh and clean.
One star out of one star given for quality.

Scale 4 - Price
For dinner, the total came to $43.20 (without a tip) - not bad! That came with two glasses of wine as well. The wine was $7/piece which is pretty normal for a glass of wine. Since two people were splitting a sushi boat, it would have been nice of them to throw in another salad instead of charging an additional $2.50 for a tiny bowl full of lettuce.
One star out of one star given for price.

Scale 5 - Would you go again?
Yes, we would both go again. In fact, this is one of our favorite "go to" places in St. Augustine. We will be back and give a review for the hibachi food.
One star out of one star given for returning.

Five out of five stars given to Mikato Japanese Steakhouse.
We suggest you chow down on some sushi there!

Happy Spending,
The Money Consumer

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Free Sailboats said...

I just can't help but marvel the intricacies of Japanese cuisine. A feast of the senses!

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