Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill (Rating 5)

Oceanside Beach Grille
Rating: / 5
given for appearance
given for taste
given for quality
given for price
given for return customer

Scale 1 - Appearance
Appearance of the restaurant - unless you know where you're going, you're most likely to miss it. We were meeting a group of people here and knew the general direction it was in - we had to turn around at one point, knowing we had gone too far, and luckily noticed we had driven right by it. The outside is pretty decent. The inside is very clean and well organized!
Appearance of the staff - everyone was very well-kempt and put together. Best of all was everyone's attitude - nice, professional, great!
Appearance of the food - incredibly appetizing!
One star out of one star given for appearance.

Scale 2 - Taste
Both Vincenzo and I got an iced tea. Most of the other people we went with ordered coffee or hot tea. Most people ordered breakfast and everyone said it tasted delicious. Both Vincenzo and I ordered a turkey club on a wrap (had to have it changed to a wrap instead of a normal sandwich.) Vincenzo got a side of coleslaw, Camille ordered a side of vegetables. The wraps were incredible. Great portion but most importantly, very tasty! The coleslaw was above-par as were the side of vegetables. The vegetables (zucchini, squash) were cooked and in some type of delicious sauce. We'd both ordered it again.
One star out of one star given for taste.

Scale 3 - Quality
We came with a large party - at least 20 of us. The staff was SO welcoming and nice. They didn't complain or seem overwhelmed. They frequented the table to see if we needed anything else...always bringing a smile on their faces! Very speedy, very nice, very courteous!
One star out of one star given for quality.

Scale 4 - Price
For dinner, the total came to about $26 (including a tip) - for lunch, a little pricey, but well worth it! We tipped them a little extra since their service and food was phenomenal.
One star out of one star given for price.

Scale 5 - Would you go again?
Yes, we would both go again. We are looking forward to trying other menu options there next time, too!
One star out of one star given for returning.

Five out of five stars given to Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill.
We suggest you have some lunch there!

Happy Spending,
The Money Consumer

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